Farbod Salamat-Zadeh

Hi, my name is Farbod. 👋

I'm currently a 2nd year Computer Science student at the University of Warwick. 💻

Welcome to my website!


FrameworksAndroid APIs
ToolsMaven & Gradle
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Featured Projects

Stock Trading Game

JavaScript | React | Python | Django | SCSS (2020)

A stock trading game with a twist, built with a friend over the summer.

People invest in stocks to gain money. So we thought, what are the best strategies to lose money on the stock exchange?

The stock trading game is a virtual stock trading platform where the goal is to lose the most amount of money. Each investor starts with an initial sum of one million dollars and can purchase stocks of their choosing from the NASDAQ index.

RSA Website

JavaScript | React | SASS (2020)

A website demonstrating RSA encryption, built with a React-driven technology stack.

Users can enter prime numbers to generate public and private keys, in order to encrypt their message. Using the same keys, the ciphertext can be decypted to go back to the original plaintext.

Pokédex App

Java | Kotlin | Android | SQLite (2016–'17)

A database that Pokémon-enthusiasts can browse, filter, and search through to find descriptions and stats of Pokémon.

The app uses a colourful, intuitive design and includes features like being able to compare Pokémon side-by-side.

Student Timetable App

Kotlin | Java | Android | SQLite (2016–'17)

Timetable is an app to help students manage their busy schedules.

For students always late to class, Timetable reminds you of your classes X minutes before they start, configurable in Settings. Forgetful students can keep on top of their assignments using the sorted list, colour-coded by subject. Notifications are displayed for overdue or incomplete assignments, and once you're done, you can swipe them off the list.

Other Projects

Codeforces CLI


A command-line interface to access stats from Codeforces.

Music Database Project

Kotlin | MySQL

A website for easily searching classical music by composer, time period, or even instrumentation. The music metadata is collected using a web crawler.

Family Tree App

Java | Android

An Android app for creating and exploring your family tree.

UsefulViews Library

Java | Android

Useful widgets for Android including LabelledSpinner, a Spinner with a floating label, inspired by material design guidelines.

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